From initial concept to completion of task within the limits of the most rigorous specifications, Industrial Fabricating Corporation is the most reliable source for custom fabrications of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Whether your project requires a component weighing ounces or capital equipment weighing tons, Industrial Fabricating has the experience and capability to deliver. For over a quarter century, customers throughout the United States have entrusted us with their most demanding assignments … from initial specifications to final inspection. Your Industrial Fabricating engineering consultant furnishes timely and reliable estimates. A team of skilled professionals review each project in detail.

Upon receipt of the order, each customer’s requirements are reviewed for compliance to detail. A discipline tracking system follows the job through all stages of the manufacturing process.

The technology, equipment and personnel to work with ferrous and nonferrous alloys are on-line at Industrial Fabricating.

Our experience includes completion of complex projects involving many types of 300 and 400 series stainless steels; 5000 and 6000 series aluminum alloys; high nickel – chromium – alloys such as Inconel, Incoloy, and Alloy 20; and high strength, low alloy steels. Our welding equipment includes sub-arc, TIG, MIG, stick and cored wire welding apparatus. All of Industrial Fabricating’s highly skilled welders are ASME certified.

To Serve You Best…

Your project could benefit from our involvement at the earliest planning stages. We welcome the opportunity to discuss specifics with your project manager or engineer on a one-to-one basis. Let us show you how our skilled specialists and modern equipment can streamline your budget while meeting your most stringent requirements.

At every stage of production, Quality Control is on the job.

Both of our fully equipped plants offer high speed production, prompt delivery and competitive prices – with no compromise in quality. A team of uniquely qualified specialists, using state-of-the-art equipment, furnish the best solution for each individual metal fabricating problem. Industrial Fabricating supplies a full range of on-premise services including: shearing, forming, rolling, welding, burning, punching, assembling, finishing and painting. Quality and specification checks are conducted during each phase of fabrication.

Quality craftsmanship, backed by the highest standards of Quality Control, assure customer confidence and complete satisfaction

From singular to multiple runs of small components, to the production of a multi-ton order, the same degree of concern for exact conformity to specifications is applied. Beyond meeting technical demands, we offer each customer a personal commitment to quality and individual pride in our performance. It is this level of dedication, along with technical sophistication, that set Industrial Fabricating Corporation apart as a leader in the industry.